Response to false and unfair accusation about "MildMania Studio, True story of Darklings"

Hello everyone, 

We are MildMania, and we are writing this as a response for the ones who may have seen the posts like :

Which is being shared by Murat Pak and Undream. 

First of all we encourage everyone to visit our outsource freelancer visual artist, who designed almost all arts of the game. Juan Pablo Casini

Right now we see on the people who read our post and his post, we're getting sucked into a trap which is an in conclusive war. And we would like to apologize from everyone for some subject like this came into discussion, and we accidentally let ourselves to be seen as a battling company. 

For the ones who wants to hear about the whole story of buggum and what both parties agreed check HERE

Here is the short and period answer for all of those who doubts about the game

All copyrights including artworks, sound design, gameplay mechanics belongs to MildMania and we're the sole owner of everything in this game. 

All assets used in Darklings created by MildMania founders and it's contractors, namely, 

Burkay Ozdemir - MildMania Co-Founder, 

Emre Canbazoglu - MildMania Co-Founder, 

David Stanton - Freelance Sound Composer,

Juan Pablo Casini - Freelance Visual Designer,

Mert Gurkan - MildMania Employee, Visual Artist.

Therefore, all of these accusations are just unsolid, and can be proven either by law or by looking how our designs have been made. Murat Pak was the Artist of Buggum, which is currently a disbanded.

We encourage everyone who thinks his/someone's work is being stolen to contact with us to listen our side of the story, or go to legal authorities instead of blaming under within posts without our knowledge. And stop this blaming campaign. 

Darklings, is a game of MildMania which is developed by focusing the idea of Drawing Symbols to Kill, instead of using D-Pads or anything else. And has been developed completely from scratch

Murat Pak left the group "Buggum" by his decisions, we did everything we could to at least finish Monomons game together. After he left the company, he chose to struggle with us by using his connections, blamed us in all senses. We never struggled with him even we could go to court because of this reputation damages and could claim our rights for all of this. All of the words that has been said on the link is just for damaging the reputation of very good work produced by MildMania. Additionally, doing this by forums, other social media services can only be seen as being impolite and rude.

The accusations like , "therefore they took their code and left everything that belonged to me, to me. And I started over to the whole game."

Totally wrong and funny, the main mechanics of the game was the idea which came out of MildMania's current founders.  Lots of things which makes this game as it is, does belong to MildMania's founders, other design decisions were always inspired by other games and made as a group.

Even the background in the post he shared in the links " not made by Murat Pak, we hired a freelance illustrator to design this background from deviantart. Namely,

Even though, no one dumps all the works developed in a group or company when someone decides to leave, In MildMania projects, no assets has been used, or copied that belongs to someone else than the Company and it's contractors. Works that belonged to Murat Pak, is only available in the past Monomons project.

We can easily show what inspired us when developing this game here:

Current Darklings

Store : Zombirds, Temple Run.

Souls:  How Appstore's current browsing mechanic of works

Intro : Cut-scene intro like in the game Zombirds.

All UI : Highscores, and everything else is currently made of universal design guidelines.  ( this is what we learned from Juan Casini ), End Game UI from Electric Tentacle.

Monsters : Inspired by Juan's designs here :

TypeFont usage : all of it chosen by Juan Casini, and we use totally different fonts.

Algorithms : All algorithms used throughout this game belongs to us, or sources from internet. He doesn't have anything on this part.

Background designs: As shared in the posts, Juan made all these backgorunds in his Background Design lessons. 

Black&White : Should we really talk about this? He doesn't invented black&white we can give millions of games which are black and white. 

General Concept : Limbo, Contre Jour, Zombirds, World Of Goo, Misadventures of PB Winterbottom.

Horns :  Like shown in the post Story of Buggum, it belongs to co-founders of MildMania

Darklings Stealing lights concept: Something that we came up from Horns, we think that they steal lights to feed their horns and their powers, we're drawing horns to break the horns and possess the darklings

Name of main character "Lum":  Something we came up with, whie in the Computer Graphics lesson, we were in the subject Global Illumination, Luminosity, therefore Lum latin word meaning, light.

Game Design :  Can't be separated ( except parts like Main Mechanic ), and all people agreed to use game design as it is.

Fortunately, we have our repository logs to show that, all contents that has been shared in this link (except the Monsters, UI, and Stars) already belongs to us. Creator of 6th, 11th, 12th pictures can be easily seen in this link . With evidence like our repository logs, it's apparent that even in Monomons, he tries to trick everyone that he has his hands everywhere on the project, while he certainly doesn't.

All other things can be asked to us, we're always open to anyonewe can answer everything, if there are any doubts.

In our blog posts, we're talking about How "Darklings" project started by MildMania, we were not talking about how the Buggum process started. That process has ended and not related to MildMania. Only the witnesses in the Metutech-ATOM knows all situations deeply, however no one can truly say who is right by looking on only one side.

In true history of Buggum, as everyone knows, there were only two people always working on his desk day to night. Third people who left the company were just like an outsider all the time, except the times we made a deal with Chillingo for the game Monstiez.

Artwork being used on Darklings, can be completely separated from the unpublished game that being developed until some point by three people working on Buggum. 

We have the support of other companies which witnessed all of these events, and we also have support of the Technopolis Management which both Buggum and MildMania founded.

We are not willing to extend this argument any longer.

We hope that, there's enough information here that supports that it was total false accusations and jealousy.

We'll be sharing more in our Blog about how Darklings developed from scratch, and we'll be giving more and more insight about our developments.


We encourage everyone to subscribe to our beta tests, we are also volunteered to send promo codes to the people who think our artworks are not unique, we believe first-hand experience can remove all of these thoughts.

We'll continue to do what's right and we'll do our best.

Have a nice day, 

MildMania Team