It's not easy to give decisions which will take at least 2-3 weeks for your team to complete just before any release. But that's what beta tests are for isn't it :)

They make you give a long shot decision just when you think the finish line is nigh. At least we did.

I think the worst thing you can say is that Yeah, that's almost the end lets "start tests".

Anyways, thinking on one man's random comment,  we realised how "Not Epic" our boss fights are, and we started to change it to make it more awesome ( at least we think awesome).

And I too agree on first few shots wasn't pretty good too.


This is, basically, what happens when you work on animations longer than expected


After 2 weeks have passed, we finally completed the Tough Boss phase. 

It's on test flight servers, have you tried yet? Because if you haven't you're missing a LOT!

You catch the chance join our early production from 


Have a nice day...