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Get pumped into the hazy mood of Val's Day v.1.1.3 is here!

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to step into the love circle yet? We are!

Darklings is ringing your doors with new surprises for the Valentine's Day.

  • Valentine's Day theme is all around!
  • Free new character, Eros the handsome!
  • New companion. new lover, Fairy Lilly!
  • Save the hearts!
  • Game is now running smoothly on iPad1s
  • and much more..

Update your game quickly to not miss the chance of getting free characters, and catch the lovely theme right now.

Darklings v.1.1.3 is now available on AppStores throughout the world!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day everyone

MildMania Team


Darklings v.1.1.2 is here & is free during weekend as App Of The Day

Multi-Award wining Darklings v1.1.2 Update Brings new Features to Noire-style Endless Adventure Game on iOS and as a Free App of the Day promotion Darklings goes free during 18-19 January, so get it free while you can!

We hope that you had a wonderful holiday break. MildMania & B27 are ringing in the New Year with an update to their noire-styled endless adventure game, Darklings. Currently  available on the Apple App Store for iOS devices and fresh off of a free Christmas-themed update, Darklings Version 1.1.2 returns the game to its original theme…but not without adding a few new surprises!

New key features for Darklings Version 1.1.2:

• Added Companions - help the player defeat Darklings and collect more stars

• Improved guided in-game tutorial

• Added in-game Leaderboards (Imported from Game Center & Facebook )

• New in-game guidance system

• General bug fixes

• Performance upgrades

Darklings is an epic, endless adventure through magical worlds, where the player experiences 

unique, gesture-driven gameplay blended with unique noire artwork. Join Lum in and purge the

Darklings. Save the stars, save the world. Darkness is coming! You are the only hope!

Darlings is available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Darklings requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Download Darkings from the App Store:

MildMania made it onto the finest publishers on Quality Index in Dec 2013

December is one of the toughest month to get any awareness in Apple Appstore. Huge, traditional powerful publishers, publish their best polished games throughout the December.

In December 2013, MildMania with Darklings is #6 in iPhone Quality index, and made it onto the list of iPhone Quality Index Finest Games Publishers of December 2013

This is just a starting, keep watching for the new updates coming in next 2 weeks.



Happy New Years from Darklings



2013 was a good year for us, but we believe we're just starting.

In 2014, we have huge game changer updates coming on including big, exclusive changes in game,  multiplayer versions, releases for Android, WP8, LeapMotion and more which will be announced soon..

Just be sure to keep watching!

Happy New Year everyone may the "Lum" be with you!



MildMania & Balloon 27 Bring Christmas Update to Darklings

Deck the halls before darkness falls with new holiday-themed features and an all-new trailer

LOS ANGELES, CA - December 19, 2013 - Independent developer and publisher of video games and electronic entertainment, Balloon 27 (B27), in partnership with the startup development house, MildMania, today announced that their noire-styled endless adventure game, Darklings, has received a free Christmas-themed update that is available now on the Apple App Store.

Packed with loads of joy and cheer, and all tied up with a bow, players will go swiping through those naughty Darklings, in the darkness and in the snow. Featuring all-new Christmas-themed levels, bosses, bonuses, and music to match, players will have a joyous romp as they help Lum save Christmas, and save the world with aide of jolly ‘ol St. Nick.

List of New Darklings Features and Updates:
    •    New Free Character : Santa (for a limited time) 
    •    New Free Color : Bloody Merry (for a limited time) 
    •    New Bonus : Santa Crush 
    •    Christmas-themed backgrounds and bosses 
    •    Christmas-themed music
    •    25 Free Power-Ups 
    •    Simplified Gesture/Pattern/Shape Recognition 
    •    Critical performance upgrades for iPod4 and iPhone4 
    •    New Visuals, FXs

In celebration of this update, B27 and MildMania have created an all-new “Save Christmas, Save the World” trailer for Darklings that can be viewed on the official MildMania YouTube channel, at


Darklings is an epic, endless adventure through magical worlds, where the player experiences unique, gesture-driven gameplay blended with unique noire artwork. It promises to carry touch-based gaming to a whole new level. Join Lum in and purge the Darklings. Save the stars Christmas, save the world. Darkness is coming! You are the only hope!

Darklings is available on the Apple App Store for $0.99, and is compatible with the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Darklings requires iOS 5.0 or later. 


Indie Game Developers B27 and MildMania Announce “Darklings” Will Hit Apple App Store on Wednesday, Nov. 27 Review Codes Available!


LOS ANGELES -- Balloon 27 (B27) and MildMania, a team of independent game developers today announced the highly-anticipated mobile game, Darklings, will be available in the Apple App Store tomorrow -- Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013.

Darklings (view trailer -- view presskit) is an epic, endless adventure through magical worlds, where the player experiences unique, gesture-driven gameplay blended with unique noire artwork. It promises to carry touch-based gaming to a whole new level. Join Lum to purge the Darklings. Save the stars, save the world. Darkness is coming! You are the only hope!

“We are very excited to be working with Balloon 27 on the launch of this title,” said Burkay Ozdemir, co-founder of MildMania. “With their wealth of technology knowhow and development experience, paired with their ability to reach several new markets, we believe Darklings will be a worldwide success.”

MildMania, a startup developer based in Ankara, Turkey, has brought Darklings from concept to reality over the course of the past year. This month, they teamed with B27, a Los Angeles-based developer and publisher, to bring Darklings to market for a worldwide audience.

B27 is also the developer of the motorcycle trick jumping game Hill Bill, on iOS and Google platforms.

“As a fellow-indie game developer, we couldn’t be more thrilled to jump on board and see what two indie’s can do as one team,” said Ajay Chadha, Founder of B27. “MildMania is such a similar company and quite a match for us. We are excited to bring their first major game to the public. We believe Darklings will be a major mobile gaming hit.”


About MildMania

MildMania, LLC, brings new experience in design and development of interactive products. MildMania, mainly focuses on mobile game development formed by talented core members in the field. MildMania is committed to create a new and natural way of interaction with high-quality and innovative games. They believe in fluidity, simplicity and user experience. MildMania is dedicated to bring the mobile games one step further in each game we bring to market.

About B27

Balloon 27 (B27) is an indie developer and publisher of mobile and tablet games. B27 was spearheaded by Ajay Chadha. Chadha is well versed in Digital Media, working on brands such as Nintendo and Disney. The B27 founder believes, “As many things separate us in the world today, we believe gaming can unite us.” The idea of connecting individuals via gaming came to fruition as B27 was founded with no regard to location, language or time zone, but with a simple love for building games. While games are currently B27’s primary focus, they believe as the digital world evolves the possibilities are endless.



Burkay Ozdemir

Ajay Chadha

Happy Halloweens #Darklings

Who fits halloween better than Darklings? 

Here is our special for halloween.


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Happy Halloweens everyone, have a #scary day

Dev Diaries, Oct. 29th Major Updates before Release: Tough Boss Of The Caverns

It's not easy to give decisions which will take at least 2-3 weeks for your team to complete just before any release. But that's what beta tests are for isn't it :)

They make you give a long shot decision just when you think the finish line is nigh. At least we did.

I think the worst thing you can say is that Yeah, that's almost the end lets "start tests".

Anyways, thinking on one man's random comment,  we realised how "Not Epic" our boss fights are, and we started to change it to make it more awesome ( at least we think awesome).

And I too agree on first few shots wasn't pretty good too.


This is, basically, what happens when you work on animations longer than expected


After 2 weeks have passed, we finally completed the Tough Boss phase. 

It's on test flight servers, have you tried yet? Because if you haven't you're missing a LOT!

You catch the chance join our early production from 


Have a nice day...

Behind Our Logo, MildMania as a Corp

What is MildMania, 

MildMania is lowest episode of the Mania, which can be seen in leaders such as Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and it's not being addressed as illness.

Throughout our journey on creating our Corporate Logo, we worked throughly with Contrast8 team.

Throughout development, they've produced a lot of very good candidates which resent with Gaming completely. 

Mild Mania.jpg

We believe, all of these works are awesome, however only one thing were missing.


Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 9.45.05 PM.png
Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 9.45.15 PM.png

When it comes to madness, there has to be madness. 

It should show the madness in his eyes, nothing else. 

Madness doesn't have a certain colour, it can't the one like that.

And finally our madness mask has revealed..


Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 9.27.42 PM.png